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Our Projects. 


Our embodied approach guides members on their journey to bring light into their own physical being. The tips and practices we share make way for a unique, individualized approach that could involve a new state of consciousness, physical, spiritual, and/or emotional growth.

Mother earth

This project guides members as they combine their consciousness with Mother Earth. At Teacher of the Tree, we believe that we are one with earth, and that all earthly elements are interconnected. This project allows us to work with Mother Earth as she is a teacher and we are one with nature.


"When you use the light you have been given, you will receive more" - Yashua
This project invites members to engage in service. We encourage our members to expand in light and grow, and to use their power to embrace others. We beleive that through service and connectivity we can work toward a better future for all.
Love is the Greatest Power ,Love is the greatest nutrition, Love is Light 
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